1954: Born as Rick Boebbel in Antwerp, Belgium, Europe, Planet Earth.


1965–1970: First creations of humorous scrapbooks, drawings and poems.


1967: Selected Belgian candidate for the European Young Painter Contest .

1969: First exhibition with his survey of phlegmarellas ; Post Farm Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium.


1970–1975: Publication of diverse magazines, such as 'Drivdlav' and 'Phlegm', an amalgam of various cartoons and comic strips.

Founding member of progressive rock groups such as Zak and Boebbel .

Solo performances as Boebbel with avantgarde comedy shows, such as 'The Flying Turd' .

Member of jazzblues band Oezem .



1975–1980: Music studies at the Mechelen Music Conservatory .

Member of and performed with various rock, blues and jazz bands, e.g. Le Lis , Bullshit Blues Band , Royal Erotic Space Orchestra , The Plastic Bags , and Kobold.

Member of the ballroom & show orchestra The New Peppers, accompanists of e.g. Ann Christy, Rocco Granata, Ann Michel, and Joe Harris.

Founding member of the classical guitar trio The Friends of D Major .


Publication of 'Boebbeltje', a magazine with short stories, special cryptograms called boebbelograms, limericks, fictional interviews, pseudo-scientific articles, drawings and comic strips such as 'The Beernoses on the Warpath' .

Creation of various plays, such as 'TutAnkhAmen and Hamledt in Antwerp'.


1978: Elected as The World Strongest Premature .

1980–1990: Founding member and composer of jazzrock bands Psychotone and Psychotone Too .

Creation of various musical spectacles, e.g. 'Cosmos – perma – cussion' .

Composer of music for various music ensembles and for classical guitar.


1990–1995: Creation of comedy performance 'The Frustrated Percussionist'.

Construction of bizarre musical instruments, such as the klopmöbel .

Creation of entertainment shows, such as the 'Neanderthal Contest' .

Creation of various educational games, such as 'European Art Game' .

Various collections of chess problems .


1995–2005: Creation of numerous assemblage – sculptures, collages and paintings , also known as his 'Wasted Art' .

Encyclopedic observation of 'The Planet Mehlodia and its Inhabitants' .


2005: A documentary on the life and works of Ribley! was made by the Belgian film director Paul Smets, entitled 'Ribley! , Assemblage Sculptor' .


2005–2014: Creation of more assemblage – sculptures.


2015–death: Concept, design and construction of his Humoristic Assemblage Halls of Art .