The early works of Ribley! were mainly created under the name of Boebbel .




Boebbel has published in various magazines a lot of word games, crosswords and cryptograms, often with a humorous bias. Very special were his boebbelograms , a sort of cryptograms with mainly selfmade neologisms.


Boebbel has always been a passionate chess problem solver, and he has composed and published a lot of chess problems himself, a lot of them with a jocular bias. He has also invented new fairy items in fairy chess, such as The Magician , The Hulk , Melodic Chess , and Copulation Chess


Boebbel has created a couple of funny yet very educational games, of which the 'European Art Game' is the best known. The purpose of the game is to build up a collection of various works of art, but the money that the players need has to be earned on a special job circuit or with additional tasks.



Boebblywood Film Archives
European Art Game
The Dung Dynasty



Boebbel has created quiz shows and contests, but he focused on dexterity and sensory perceptions rather than on pure knowledge; he aimed at well-founded entertainment and collective fun rather than selective competition.

The most famous of his contests was without doubt the ‘ Neanderthal Contest ‘ , in which the candidates needed to display neanderthal skills to win the contest rather than modern man intelligence.




Boebbel has written scenarios and scripts for short films and videoclips , but none of them were filmed due to the lack of financial resources or sponsoring. They are kept in the ‘ Boebblywood Film Archives ‘ .

Most memorable was the videoclip ‘ Cantata for Sadomasochistic Scream Quartet with Red-hot Irons, Bricks and Razor Blades ‘ .

Boebbel also made a few photo documentaries, e.g. ‘ The Dung Dynasty ‘ .


Boebbel though was best known for his LITERATURE and for his MUSIC.