When he was still a child, Boebbel already used to make persiflating scrapbooks, such as 'Ik heb mijn borsten zien dikker worden' (I Saw My Tits Grow Bigger), in which he mocked the beauty ideal of big bronzed breasts.

Around 1970, Boebbel and his rock band mate Guy Zak started to publish a magazine called ‘Drivdlav‘ , which mainly consisted of comic strips and scraps. After a while, Zak quitted and Boebbel decided to lead ‘Drivdlav’ into a new direction. The name of the magazine was first changed into ‘Phlegm‘ and later on into ‘ Boebbeltje ‘ .

Initially, the new magazine was a kind of fan magazine related to the performances and creations of Boebbel . Eventually, ‘Boebbeltje’ grew into a full magazine with short stories and fairy tales, pseudo - scientific articles and fictional interviews, funny limericks and jokes, puzzles, drawings and comics. The last edition of ‘Boebbeltje’ was published in november 1984.

I Saw My Tits Grow Bigger
Boebbeltje Vol.10, nr.1



Already at an early age, Boebbel started writing witty poems and funny rhymes, but later on he also composed more poetic or even romantic verses. None of his volumes of poems were ever published though…





Boebbel has written a lot of short stories and fairy tales. Some of them were published in the magazine ‘ Boebbeltje ‘ .

The most memorable fairy tales were : ‘The Nutty Prince’ , ‘The Unhappy Testicle‘ , ‘Snorebrock and Mouseline‘ , ‘The Criple Musician‘ , and ‘The Cranberry Picker’ .




Boebbel has written a lot of philosophical essays.

‘In Pint We Trust‘ are the philosophical principles of a bacchanalian sect that he founded in the 1970's and disbanded in the 1980's.

‘Philosoph-IA‘ is a compilation of rather serious essays on various subjects, while ‘Memoirs of a Queen Tyrant‘ is a collection of letters with humorous reflections.




Boebbel has written several plays and short plays, but mainly comedies. His most memorable plays were probably : ‘Ski-Lol in West-Tirol‘ (Scalps from the Alps)(1985), ‘Klaveren 4 Troef !‘ (How to Play a Trump)(1984) , and of course ‘ Toet Anch Amonn en Hamledt in Antwerpen ‘ (TutAnkhAmen and Hamledt in Antwerp)(1983).



The Beernoses on the Warpath
Mehlodia Encyclopedia



Boebbel has published several comic strips in his magazines, e.g. ‘The Death of Luke‘ , ‘The Spitting Turdaboo and the Long Drop Loo‘ , ‘The Eventures of Pike and Puzy’, and 'De Bierneuzen op het oorlogspad' (The Beernoses on the Warpath) .




Around 1990, Boebbel changed his name into Ribley!. A few months later, he was contacted by an inhabitant of the planet Mehlodia. According to the information he received, Ribley! portrayed some of the creatures of this planet by means of sculptures. He also wrote an encyclopedic catalogue with an observation of the Mehlodians and their sexual behaviour, called ‘ The Planet Mehlodia and its Inhabitants ‘ . It is completed with comments from a dumb blonde!