The works of Ribley! have not often been on exhibition yet, for the artist never sought for personal fame or glory and mainly wanted to preserve his works for the generations to come. Therefore, he preferred to design his own museum : the HUMORISTIC ASSEMBLAGE HALLS of ART or HAHA . The idea of the museum was to exhibit and to promote the humoristic assemblages of himself and of sculptors from all over the world. Unfortunately Ribley! could not find enough financial support to realize the Haha project. Therefore, he decided to design a virtual copy of the museum for the internet.

However, the Haha Foundation is still looking for financial or material support to build or install the real museum halls. So if you are interested in sponsoring a worthwile art project, or if you can provide us with a decent building on a suitable location, please contact us.

Also, if you are a sculptor who makes humoristic assemblages and if you are interested in participating in the Haha project , please contact us.



Design of the Humoristic Assemblage Halls of Art