Ribley! has made drawings since he was a little boy, both figurative and abstract. Yet he has not left many drawings, for the simple reason that he used to throw them away, considering them not important enough to keep them. Neither has Ribley! left many paintings, partly because he preferred sculpturing, and partly because he used to overpaint his paintings repeatedly. For Ribley! liked to experiment with numerous painting techniques, but he was seldom pleased with the final result, and so he overpainted his paintings again and again…

When he was still a child, Ribley! already made some unusual abstract paintings that he called phlegmarellas: he first mixed gouache with phlegm instead of water, and then squashed the sticky pulp of paint between gouache paper into rather abstract figures. How could he know that the phlegmical bacteria would digest his works completely?

Some other of his painting experiments involve object paintings and collages, tattooing, potato painting, sprainting, reaction painting, fraction painting, paint hammerings, and of course baquarelles . Baquarelles are aquarelles made of HIV-infected sperm, the urine of a doped cyclist, and the blood of a menstruating prostitute.




But most of all, Ribley! was an assemblage sculptor. So let us have a look at his SCULPTURES .