Mehlodia Sculptures




The planet MEHLODIA is situated in the Euterpia Galaxy; it is also called the Pink Planet , because it is shrouded in a nebula of pink-coloured gas. Mehlodia has the shape of a gramophone record.

The planet has a lovely climate: it is warm and humid year round without any real seasons, and it only rains at night. The planet has a lush vegetation and is sparsely inhabited by several species of animals and other creatures.

The Mehlodian society is probably the most perfect one of the entire Universe: it is free of religion, politics, economy, science, technology, culture and education. It is also free of war, violence, perversion, hate, envy, greed, deceit or jealousy. Each Mehlodian creature instinctively knows how to live in harmony with nature and with the other inhabitants of the planet. Moreover, Mehlodians love social contact; they communicate with each other by means of a common language of songs.

Mehlodians do not kill or hurt each other to feed: they mainly feed on vegetable waste and floral products. Mehlodians do not kill or hurt each other to defend a territory: they all share the planet living life in peace. Mehlodians do not kill or hurt each other to mate: they all have plenty of opportunities to mate.


Atmosfairy Mehlodia
Mating Mehlodians

In the early 1990's Ribley! was contacted by the Mehlodians through cosmo-telepathic pulses, and decided to depict these creatures by means of assemblage sculptures. Furthermore, Ribley! has written an encyclopedic catalogue about their physiological characteristics and typical sexual behaviour, called ‘The Planet Mehlodia and its Inhabitants' , completed with comments from a dumb blonde .

Turnround Snorer Singing in the Rain

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