Welcome to the website of assemblage sculptor Ribley!, a true polyvalent artist from Belgium. Indeed, before he specialized on assemblage art , Ribley! had been engaged in almost every other art form possible, as described in his biography. The artistic legacy of Ribley! comprises hundreds of works of different nature, such as essays and short stories, poems and plays, fairy tales and comic strips, instrumental music and songs, paintings and drawings, short films and photographs, chess compositions and boebbelograms, collages and sculptures, and even educational games and an encyclopedic work on the planet Mehlodia…

His early works were mostly created under the name of Boebbel or under pseudonyms such as Rickard Spermström or Ricardo B. , but most of his sculptures were created under the name of Ribley! .



Chess Set of human civilisation (1995)
Chess Set of human civilisation (detail)

The works of Ribley! are usually characterized by humour; you could say that he is a humorist who has specialized in different art forms to express himself. Ribley! tries to make people laugh, but at the same time makes them think about human society and its impact on our planet and its future. His works constantly question human values and standards; their character vary from funny to catchy, from amusing or entertaining to sarcastic or shocking. Ribley! has often been called a master of erotic art, yet he only used nudity for his humoristic assemblage sculptures in a functional way.

The most important themes in his work are the weaknesses, vices and imperfections of mankind, such as vanity, over-confidence, perverted exercise of power, stupidity, perversion, egoism, uprootedness, etc….

Barbecute Baby  (1999)
Uprooted Head (1997)

To make ends meet, Ribley! has sometimes been obliged to take some odd jobs for a while. And so he has been a salesman of funeral ware, a bank document snip master, a wine stock manager, a ballroom musician, and even a moral teacher to name just a few…

Ribley! could also not afford a large sculpture atelier and thus he had to use the small and uncomfortable cellar of his house as a workshop. And yet in spite of the difficult circumstances under which he had to work, Ribley! still managed to create fine pieces of contemporary figurative sculpture that can make people laugh or cry .



The workshop of Ribley! (1995)

Because we want everybody to have an opportunity to acquire a genuine work of art without having to pay an astronomic amount of money, we will organize the annual RIBLEY! CONTEST in which you can win one of the Ribley! sculptures.

If you want to participate in the Ribley! Contest , all you have to do is mail us which Ribley! sculpture you like most, and you stand a big chance of winning it !

Just contact us, and you will receive a reply shortly afterwards whether you have won or not...

The Ribley! sculptures that can NOT be won, as they are already part of a private collection, are:

'Chess Set of human civilisation'; 'Giuseppe Arcimboldo…'; 'Corkscrewing Belly Dancer'; and 'Els Callens, Olympic Bronze'.


Human Civilisation Contest Knight