A part of the Ribley! assemblages are listed by himself as ' WASTED ART '  . First of all, this refers to the use of waste material for the construction of the sculptures.   Secondly, his sculptures are wasted on all those people who are really not interested in art.  And last but not least, we must be aware of the fact that art is a matter of little importance for all those people who are struggling to survive day in day out …

Another part of his sculptures is the collection of creatures from the planet 'MEHLODIA' .

Without doubt, Ribley! must surely be considered as a major representative of  RECYCLING ASSEMBLAGE ART : most of his works are assemblages of damaged or broken objects made of solid materials.   However, almost each object gets a revalued function, often comparable or even opposite to its prior function. 

Each work is a piece of craftsmanship : all the separate objects – often of the same kind - are planed or touched up for a figurative finish and are smoothly glued as well as screwed together.  Finally, each assemblage is preventively treated against corrosion or rotting and then painted and varnished meticulously to endure the ravages of time and to enhance the expressiveness. 

From Waste to Art  :  a small step for Ribley! ,      but a giant leap for mankind...

From Waste ...
... to Art

Furthermore, Ribley! has always been an adherent of TOTAL ART : with each work comes a short story, poem, article or musical composition, and sometimes there is a reference to another work of art or artist. 

His most impressive works, such as  'The Perfect Woman' , 'Don Quichot Masturbating on the Pot' , 'Sperm Banker', or 'Mutant Porn Actor' are still being considered so shocking that they can not be viewed on this website (yet) …

Ribley! has always considered the joy of creating much more important than the benefit of financial profit or fame.  Consequently, he has seldom exhibited within the commercial circuit of galleries and museums.  Furthermore, he has never indulged to momentary trends or nonsensical concepts.  After all, he has always stated that art can no longer be called art if it stops being clearly definable...

Some of his works not only have an aesthetic value, but another function as well, such as being a piece of furniture or a desk accessory…  And as a general rule, each work was made to amuse or to shock, or even both!

Ribley! has always dedicated himself to a clean environment.  With his project  “ 100 % PLASTIC  “ Ribley! wanted to set an example of how the amount of plastic waste can be reduced by creating works of art made of (nearly) 100 % plastic waste.

Snowwhite Vase
Gynaecologist Nightlamp

Not all the Ribley! sculptures can be viewed on this website (yet), but they are all included in the catalogue ' Ribley!  Assemblage Sculptor ' .

So let us visit the GALLERY or find out more about the MEHLODIA SCULPTURES .


The planet MEHLODIA is situated in a distant galaxy; it is called the Pink Planet , because it is shrouded in a nebula of pink-coloured gas.  Mehlodia has the shape of a gramophone record.

The planet has a lush vegetation and is sparsely inhabited by several extraterrestrial creatures.

All Mehlodian creatures live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature.  

In the early 1990's Ribley! was contacted by the Mehlodians through cosmo-telepathic pulses, and decided to depict these creatures by means of assemblage sculptures.  Furthermore, Ribley! wrote an encyclopedic catalogue about their physiological characteristics and typical sexual behaviour, called ‘The Planet Mehlodia and its Inhabitants' , completed with comments from a dumb blonde .   

So let us visit the GALLERY . 


Ribley! has made drawings since he was a little boy, both figurative and abstract. Yet he has not left many drawings, for the simple reason that he used to throw them away, considering them not important enough to keep them.   Neither has Ribley! left many paintings, partly because he preferred sculpturing, and partly because he used to overpaint his paintings repeatedly.  For Ribley! liked to experiment with numerous painting techniques, but he was seldom pleased with the final result, and so he overpainted his paintings again and again…

When he was still a child, Ribley! already made some unusual abstract paintings that he called phlegmarellas: he first mixed gouache with phlegm instead of water, and then squashed the sticky pulp of paint between gouache paper into rather abstract figures.  

Some other of his painting experiments involve object paintings and collages, tattooing, potato painting, sprainting, reaction painting, fraction painting, paint hammerings, squashpaintings and of course baquarelles .  Baquarelles are aquarelles made of   HIV-infected sperm,  the urine of a doped cyclist, and the blood of a menstruating prostitute.  He also experimented with the framework by using distorted, relieved or angled framework.  

Crushed be-Heads
Treewomen, Burnt Up ...
Looking for the G- Spot
Homo Cancer (part 1)
John Pipeman
Sea Dragon